The sub-circles in circle 8 have a special name given to them by Dante. Each is called a 'malebolgia' or evil-pocket (in Italian 'male' = evil, bolgia = pocket) and circle eight as a whole (i.e. a collection of such pockets) is called the 'Malebolge' (the plural form of 'malbolgia'). These 'evil-pockets' are like a tunnel running around the whole circle of Hell. This is a word/ term which Dante himself invented.


MALEBOLGIA began in 2000 as a side-project for Joseph and Kevin and quickly became the serious band they had sought. While many musicians have come and gone throughout the years, the core line-up of Joseph (guitar/vocals), and Kevin (drums, vocals), has developed its own gruesome flavor of extreme music. Initially a gore band, MALEBOLGIA later collectively decided that while Gore is great, there needed to be something behind the lyrics to match the intensity and insanity of the music.


“Synchronized Stabbings” arose in early 2001 as a demo EP which featured original vocalist Daniel Marshall. This demo demonstrated MALEBOLGIA’s willingness to grind your face off, drop in an off-time breakdown, and stray from typical death metal and extreme metal conventions. Two years later, in mid-2003, the “Requiem for the Inexorable” 2-song promo saw the light of day, hinting at the ferocity and angst of the newly refreshed core line-up.


Having shared the stage with the likes of Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Gorgasm, Spawn of Possession, October 31, Harakiri, Prelude to Damnation, the Red Chord, Mortician, Severed Savior, Pyaemia, CKY, Undying, Commit Suicide, Between the Buried and Me, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, DeadWaterDrowning, and an impressive roster of local and regional acts, the core of MALEBOLGIA has showed it’s tenacity and willingness to play to anyone, anywhere. With a whirlwind set of blasting insanity, absolute rage, and random stage antics, MALEBOLGIA showcase how devoted musicians can make even the worst situation worthwhile.


2006 saw the release of “Supreme Brutal Legions Vol. 2” A three way split including Infected Malignity and Tragical Memories, released on Tape in Indonesia by Disembowel Records then world wide on CD by Vrykoblast Productions.


MALEBOLGIA has proven to be a hard-working and dedicated band. With complex dissonance and a cacophony of speed, Requiem For The Inexorable, connects with the audience on a personal level while pounding the senses thanks to the engineering and production provided by Jamie King.


With the release of Requiem for the Inexorable, Malebolgia works hard to gain an audience with the Underground populous. Challenging the standards, Malebolgia takes pride and enjoys their form of extreme music and hopes that the listener will enjoy it too.


2012 - MALEBOLGIA is hard at work with new drummer Matt Francis (Circle of Dead Children, Hank III - Assjack) writing the follow up to "RFTI".